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Employee Wellbeing Survey

This contains questions on workplace environment, individual lifestyle and organisational issues and is designed to meet the HWL award criterion in full. This survey is a quick way to gather information from a large number of individuals and can be sent to all or a sample of employees in the case of a larger organisation. Where a sample is preferred it is essential that the employees sample is random and representative of all grades and levels. An organisation's payroll department may be able to provide a stratified sample of employees.

All sections and questions within the questionnaire are core and must not be removed.

The questionnaire will be confidential i.e any on-line submissions will not include individual's IP addresses; and anonymous i.e. will not include employees names. Employees should also receive an explanation of the reasons for conducting the survey. It is important to get as high a response to the survey as possible so it may be necessary to send a reminder to employees encouraging them to return the questionnaire. Hard copies of the questionnaire should be provided for employees that may not have access to a computer.