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Printing Help

In order to achieve best results from printing this website there are a few tips and tricks you may want to consider.

Background Colours

By default many web browsers disable the printing of background colours. However, this website requires the use of background colours in such elements as the red-to-green question score charts. Instructions for enabling background colours are shown below.

Internet Explorer 9

Settings > Print > Page Setup Enable 'Print Background Colours and Images'

  • Click on "Settings" (the cog icon)
  • Enter the "Print" menu
  • Click on "Page Setup"
  • Check "Print Background Colours and Images"
  • Click "OK"


Mozilla Firefox

Alt > File > Page Setup Enable 'Print Background (colours & images)'

  • Press "Alt" on the keyboard to show the menu
  • Select "File" > "Page Setup"
  • Within "Options" check "Print Background (colours & images)"
  • Click "OK"


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Printing to PDF

The ability to "Print" a webpage as a PDF file allows users to grab a static view of the webpage which they can then use for comparison or publication at their own convenience.

In order to create this print option on your windows computer you will need to install software which adds a virtual printer, allowing you to "print" to this. Several software options for this exist ranging from Adobe Acrobat ( as a fully capable professional PDF package to PDF Lite ( a free lightweight option.

Installation of this software will be at the discretion of your I.T. Department


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Printing to Microsoft Document Writer

Since Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows has included the Microsoft XPS Document Writer as a virtual printer. Prior to this Microsoft Office and Microsoft .Net Framework would also install this on older versions of Windows.

XPS is a technology very similar to PDF and you would "Print" to this in the same manner as above. Microsoft have Open Sourced the document format meaning that it is freely available for other companies to develop, removing any format lock-in worries and greatly expanding compatibility.

Settings > Print > Print Select 'Microsoft XPS Document Writer' and click 'Print' Choose where to save your XPS file Your XPS file is now saved

  • Click on "Settings" (the cog icon)
  • Enter the "Print" menu
  • Click on "Print"
  • Select the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer"
  • Click "Print"
  • Use the "Save" dialog to choose where to save your XPS file


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