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What is Work Positive

Work Positive is a stress risk management resource, developed to support employers to identify and reduce the potential causes of stress in the workplace. The process is aligned with the HSE Management Standards and recognised by HSE as a recommended tool to help work towards the Standards. The Work Positive process involves planning and securing commitment, a questionnaire (to distribute to all staff to allow comprehensive assessment of the potential causes of stress at work), followed by consultation, action planning, monitoring and review.

This website supports the Work Positive process and provides the facility to distribute the questionnaire online, collating the results to generate information about the risks in your workplace. Your results can be compared with other organisations of similar size or sector.

Healthy Working Lives can offer you support and guidance to work through the process by:


Information about the development of Work Positive

Work Positive was originally developed to help organisations identify the potential causes of stress at work in line with requirements under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999).

In November 2004, the Health and Safety Executive launched the Management Standards against which organisations can measure their performance in managing the main causes of stress and improve their culture to promote wellbeing.

In 2005, Work Positive was updated in line with the HSE Management Standards allowing organisations to continue to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the known causes of stress at work, as well as assess their performance against the HSE Management Standards.

The development and piloting of Work Positive was originally conducted by Rebecca Lancaster and Rachel Ward, Entec UK Ltd* commissioned by Health Scotland and the Health and Safety Authority (Ireland). The realignment and ongoing development of Work Positive was undertaken by Rebecca Lancaster (Work and Wellbeing Consultants Ltd). Commissioned in partnership by HSE and Health Scotland.

Published in hard copy by Health Scotland, Woodburn House, Canaan Lane, Edinburgh, EH10 4SG. ISBN 1-84485-254-7

*Following a comprehensive review of the literature (Butler et al, 1997). Pilot project: Risk assessment and control of workplace stress. IOM report TM/97/03 Edinburgh.